Saving your designer dresses from bed bugs

Went you have a bed bug infestation you need to prioritize on furniture and personal items. Taking care of your clothes can be costly and many delicates items such as designer dresses need dry cleaning. You may be able to save your dresses and delicate clothing using simple methods that don’t involve dry cleaning.

First you should wash regular clothing in hot water with high drying temperature. Immediately place these items in bags you can close tightly. Once those are dealt with you can focus on your delicate clothing items.

It helps to quickly go through your wardrobe and see if you want to keep or donate items. For the next step you will need plastic bags and a freezer. Place a few items in each bag and place it in an empty freezer. The temperature should be at 0 F or -18 C or below and the bag must be left for 4 days in this temperature.

Once the time is up simply remove the bag and allow it to thaw a little. You can now place the clothing items in your closet once more. You can do this process with shoes and purses as well.


-Don’t over stuff the bags or the freezer. This can potentially allow the bag to have insulating qualities for the bed bugs to gather.

-Clean the freezer beforehand so your clothes don’t acquire a strange smell.

-Keep a schedule and set reminders for when the bags need to be placed or removed from the freezer. Also not the time you put the item in.

-If you life in a region with weather 0 F or -18 C you can place your bags outside for the allotted time.

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