One of the most common places for catching bed bugs is at a hotel. Historically any hotel or inn has been a breeding ground for bed bugs. This is due to the frequency of travelers and easy access to luggage. There are ways to prevent bed bugs from travelling with you.


Check reviews for any indications of bed bugs. Any guests who have had an experience with them is likely to state so in a review. Check first before traveling to your hotel. Even if your hotel has five stars it is not exempt from a bed bug infestation.


When you stay at a hotel you should use the racks available in the room. The smooth metal prevents bed bugs from clambering up. This is the easiest and simplest way to prevent bed bugs from traveling with you.

Car Storage

If you have a small amount of luggage consider leaving it in the car. It prevents any contact with the pests. Or just take what you need from the car and leave the rest behind.

Sealed Bags

Bed bugs are very attracted to dirty clothes. For this reason you should place your dirty laundry in a sealed bag. It prevents the bed bugs from getting to your clothes. For additional safety, keep your clothes in the car or in a freezer for up to 4 days. The extreme temperatures will kill off any pests that are there.



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