Bed bugs are horrible pests to have in your home. They are very difficult to deal with and get rid of for good. I didn’t know our apartment had bed bugs until we were living there for about 4 months.

I was watching tv on the couch an felt something crawling on me. I found bug and put it in a cup. The problem was that I didn’t know what type of bug it was. It hadn’t bitten me so I thought it was just a regular bug.

The months after this the signs started showing. I saw a small number of bugs while I was doing the cleaning but thought they were just wood beetles. I also saw the same bugs caught in spider webs under the bed.

When I was doing laundry I saw some blood droplets on the bed sheets at the head of the bed. I didn’t link this to a pest problem. I also saw a few in the laundry basket but again didn’t make anything of it. The other sign was finding a dead one in the mattress cover after taking it out of the dryer.

So the very big indicator of the pest problem came after 8 months of living in the apartment. One morning I woke up and thought I felt something moving near my arm. I caught it and it made a disgusting crunch.

When I turned on the light I saw a bug and a lot of blood. No doubt this was a bed bug that had just feasted on me. There was also the solid realization that we had a problem that had been ongoing for months.

Then began the long journey of getting rid of these horrible pests.

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