If your child’s toys have been cursed with bed bugs it can be heart breaking. Years ago when our family home was cursed with a stint of fleas, we had to cleanse all the stuffed animals. However there were some that we couldn’t save. Here is the proper way to remove a bed bug curse from stuffed animals.

Hot Holy Water

Most small stuffed animals can be placed in the washing machine with regular hot water. Place these in the dryer on a high temperature settings. It should kill bed bugs and eggs. For larger stuffed animals it may not be possible to wash them in the laundry due to their size. These possessed items once water logged can become the weight of bricks. As a result your washing machine can break down.

I specifically remember a large stuffed we had to get rid of because it couldn’t fit in the regular wash. We didn’t have access to an oversized machine at the laundry mat. That stuffed animal had to be thrown out.

So keep in mind that you have to choose which toys you can exorcism from a bed bug curse.

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