I came to observe that garlic may be a sort of antidote against bed bugs. My initial observation happened when I was making my bed when and I noticed about five bed bugs in my bed. This was strange as bed bugs are resistant to mechanical stress by their exoskeleton. You simply can’t turn in bed while sleeping and just crush a few. They would just wriggle out from underneath you and continue feasting.

I took into account what I had done the previous day. Was there anything different? They only difference to my usual routine was that I had ingested hot garlic water before I went to bed. I use this remedy when I feel like I’m coming down with a sore throat. This lead me to question something and consider the tales in folklore.

We are all aware of garlic being a bane for vampires. The old stories might have been referring to blood sucking parasites the ancestors had to live with. However in this case you ingest a garlic tonic versus just keeping the cloves around.

This may lead to a remedy against bed bugs but there are some short comings. The bed bugs still come to eat you at night and the rest of the population still has other feeding sources. Just some interesting findings that may need to safer eradication of these cursed pests.


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