Buildings you could potentially find bed bugs

We’re all aware of bed bugs in residential areas and hotels but the infestation can happen elsewhere. Bed bugs are crafty travelers and reside anywhere there are people because we are their food source. Here are locations that were once uncommon for bed bugs.


There are been reports of office locations coming up with bed bug problems. Buzzfeed has recently fallen prey to this infestation. It’s due to travelling office workers and visitors frequently do.


University libraries have come up with all sorts of closures due to infestations. The larger universities are prone to exposure do to receiving students and staff from local to national. Students have to spend hours at the library doing projects and studying so bed bugs have more opportunity to move around.

Movie Theaters

Again due to the high amount of visitors and long viewing periods bed bugs have infected movie theaters.


Bed bugs have adapted to travel everywhere so it’s no surprise they have been spotted on airlines. Airplanes have a contained space so it would be easier to treat the infestation. However the infestation can start again due to the frequency of visitors.

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