If you suspect that you have bed bugs it may be helpful to look in your laundry. Bed bugs are attracted to dirty clothes and scientists think it’s because of body oils and shed skin. Bed bugs are also attracted here for several reasons and there are specific laundry items that have their attention.


Bedding is one of the main places you will find bed bugs. For obvious reasons it’s because the bed is where their food source is. You may also find dried bed bugs on these items after it comes out of the dryer. Additionally you should check for blood spots on the sheets because it may indicate the presence of bed bugs

Wash Cloths

We use wash cloths to clean ourselves. In the process dirt, oils and shed skin enter the wash cloths. This combination of smells along with moisture will attract bed bugs to this laundry item.


We use towels on a daily basis and over a weekly period this items obtains oils and shed skin from our bodies. Like wash cloths bed bugs are attracted to towels because of the dirt and because of moisture. For this reason you shouldn’t put your towels in the laundry basket if they are wet.

Being mindful of theses laundry items can help you detect a bed bug infestation at its beginning stages.

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